It was not so very long ago that I could barely write a retail column over the din of people complaining about the lack of local menswear shops. Since then, obviously, things have improved vastly and we now find ourselves with a "West End" shopping district dripping with retail, much of which is directed at the male customer. But when Winn Perry first opened—on the east side, even—this was not the case. The ultra-dapper shop carried fine suiting and shave tools, shiny Alden shoes, and a plethora of tasteful lifestyle accessories. Proprietor Jordan Sayler was a perfect gentleman, and created a much-needed destination for style conscious men who valued the craftsmanship and ethics of slow fashion.

As of today, Winn Perry is officially back, with doors opening at 11 am on a new, more casual version of the shop at 209 SW 9th. Sayler is joined by partner Kurt Foster, and together they've created a space in response to the voids that do still exist in the male market—one major aspect of their focus will be on shoes, returning to their collaborative relationship with Alden as well as forging new ones with brands like Rancourt. Go give 'em a firm "welcome back" handshake—they'll be open daily with the exception of Mondays, and you can also read more about Winn Perry in this week's Sold Out column.