A few months ago, I wrote about the Oregon Arts Project, a movement to improve coverage of regional arts organizations on Wikipedia by training arts-minded new contributors to the site.

There's another, similar event on the horizon: The upcoming Art + Feminism Edit-a-Thon aims to boost Wikipedia's coverage of female artists while also encouraging women to contribute to the site, whose contributor base strongly skews male.

The Portland meetup is one of many taking place across the country. No experience is required; pro Wikipedians will be on hand to help newcomers navigate the Wiki editing process, including finding and citing sources. So if your interests lie anywhere near the intersection of art, feminism, and technology, put this one on the calendar. The Wikipedia page for the national event already contains a long list of feminist subjects whose articles either don't exist at all, or need substantial revision.

The Portland event is Saturday, Feb 1 at PSU's Neuberger Hall (Room 293), from 9 am-3 pm; participants should bring their own laptop and power cord.