I was starting to feel pretty good about my ability to identify Mickey Rourke on sight. It's a marginally useful skill, yes, but I had a decent handle on it and as I get older, you appreciate the things you can still do without grunting or wincing before waving your hands in irritated defeat.

Now, unfortunately, next time I watch a movie and someone asks "Who the hell is that?" I'm going to squint, grunt in annoyance, then wave my hands at the TV and grumble "I don't know. Some sort of melty person, I guess. Does Vin Diesel have an older brother? Or does Moammar Qadafi have a younger one? He kinda sounds like Mickey Rourke."

Mickey Rourke, circa 1982:


Mickey Rourke, circa 1991:


Mickey Rourke, circa 2002:


Mickey Rourke, circa 2011:


Mickey Rourke, today:
(hidden behind these links because apparently paparazzi are super litigious)

Mickey Rourke will reprise his role as Marv in the about-a-decade-too-late sequel to Sin City, which I think is titled Sin City: Hookers and Steak and Hookers and Smoking and Steak and Hookers and an Inexplicable Swastika Fetish Somewhere in There, hitting theaters later this year.