Sometimes, the Mercury Letters page takes you places you might not expect it to go, like the Village Inn. Just roll with it. But first we head down to the Fubonn Asian market, where a dispute over labor practices is taking place...

—Showstopper points out that sometimes victims of unfair labor practices are new to the United States and too intimidated to speak up, while styrofoamcup recommends protesters hook up with VOZ and Jobs with Justice "to help with actually getting to a resolution." That can't happen soon enough—either for the parties in question or the shoppers holding off on the best deals on dashi and sriracha (not to mention the best instant ramen aisle in town) until this is resolved.

—Did you hear the one about the journalist asking about Lena Dunham's nudity on Girls? And about how she and Judd Apatow tore him a new asshole (along with two-thirds of the rest of the internet)? Well, Commenty Colin had some honest questions about that, and TSW had some answers. (It's worth reading their entire exchange in the comments of the original post.)

—So Erik reviewed Her (and loved it, like everyone else on the planet) by way of a charming, if rambling, introduction centered around the Village Inn chain of restaurants, which got Grandpa Jack Bogdanski and bearfax all excited, and led to Chrysanthemum's one-line missive: "Get to the point." Oh.