Big hat tips to Film Drunk who brings us this story about a furious parent saying that Spring Breakers ruined her children's lives—like, forever—and giving us another excuse to post this picture from Spring Breakers.

Spring Breaaaaaaaak.
  • "Spring Breaaaaaaaak."

Okay, on to the story. This mom was absolutely incensed over the fact that her two-year-old son could easily switch over from his very age-appropriate Fireman Sam videos to the slightly less age-appropriate film Spring Breakers.


Okay, a few points of contention, furious mom:

1) Perhaps it might have been better to put restrictions on an iPad that features movie streaming services, let's say, BEFORE handing it over to your kids? Just a thought! (I suppose it's still Amazon Prime and Spring Breakers fault for existing, though!)

2) I don't think it's fair to give Spring Breakers a "zero stars" review when your children have only watched 60 seconds of it. Let them watch the whole thing... THEN decide.

3) I'm not sure what you mean when you say the movie "scarred" your children "for life." Having a mother who's a terrible speller seems much more scarring to me.

4) Congratulations on "partying when you were in your 20s." I bet it wasn't as interesting as Spring Breakers.

5) I bet Selena Gomez' parents ARE proud of her. Because at least she can spell.

6) I'd be interested in meeting these kids 20 years from now, and seeing exactly how they've been scarred by this movie... as opposed to being scarred by a mom who wrote this review. GOOD LUCK, KIDS!