MLK DAY—Maybe one of the most interesting ways to pay tribute to Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. is to see him through the eyes of his contemporaries—and as a man who ate dinner with his family like anyone else. The Hollywood Theatre is screening three short films about King and his activism, each full of rare archival footage that hardly sees the light of day. DCT
Hollywood Theatre, 4122 NE Sandy, 7:30 pm, $8

SPELLING BEE—The word "embarrassed" is the most difficult word to spell in the English language. It should have one R right? Like "harassed?" You go with that, and the judge dickishly waits extra long to ding the bell that tells you you're wrong. All of which is another way of saying junior high is hard, and spelling bees are great. Check out the monthly Amazing Stumptown Spelling Bee, and seize your destiny. DVH
Dig a Pony, 736 SE Grand, 7 pm, $5 to compete