UGHH! Don't you just hate "tongue-cluckers"?

I don't know why you found it necessary to shake your head and cluck your tongue at me as I walked by, but for some reason you just really needed me to know that you had no interest in petting my dog. I didn't stop in the middle of the sidewalk as you approached. In fact, I pulled the leash in closer. So maybe if you weren't walking around with your head up your ass, you would have seen me taking precautions and being a responsible pet owner.

I didn't read anything after "cluck your tongue"—because I hate tongue-cluckers! Don't anybody better cluck their tongue-clucking tongue at me, or I'll cluck them UP!! (By the way, do you have a rant or confession to share with the world? Send it to the I, Anonymous Blog—which is a real mother tongue-clucker.)