It's a midterm election year, friends, and Republicans have just the ticket for angering their constituents into the nation's polling booths. We're going to be hearing a lot about abortion. Even in Oregon, which has among the fewest barriers to abortion of any state, is maybe getting in on the action.

The future is now. Instead of antiquated bullhorns or stodgy truck-mounted PA systems, authorities in Ukraine have taken to sending text messages letting protestors know they're breaking the law.

Labor disputes are once again snarling commerce at the Portland of Portland's Terminal 6. At an inopportune time, too—the South Korean shipping company whose vessels keep the terminal bustling is thinking of pulling out.

Here's a fun stat: The world's richest 85 people have roughly the same amount of money as the world's poorest 3.5 billion people.

After a resounding, authoritative win in November, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will be sworn in for a second term today with much pomp and pageantry. Plus the choking smoke of fresh and potential scandal swirling all about.

Ever contentious, Iran has been invited along to a United Nations peace conference on quashing the Syrian civil war. And the nation has been promptly disinvited, as well. It's confusing.

We have no idea, meanwhile, just how horrific conditions in Syria are at this point, say attorneys who've found evidence the government may be systematically killing thousands upon thousands of detainees.

You hear this a lot with international sporting competitions and the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics are no different: The shiny new venues mask deprivation and despair.

It's still winter, and you should still be glad you live in this part of the country.

Speaking of which: This forecast is insane.


Speaking of which: