School of Rock students play with members of Red Fang at 2013s Best! of Portland show.
Another week, another Mercury music section that doesn't care what platform you use to listen to your music. (Well, except for SpiralFrog... it knows what it did.)

Once a year, students of the Portland chapter of School of Rock team up with adult members of local bands. The resultant Best! of Portland show is exactly that: a life-affirming, heart-warming, butt-kicking rock show that's one of the best experiences on the local live-music calendar.

Like many acts that start off as solo recording projects, Jordan Lee's Mutual Benefit has blossomed into a band. But don't expect the live incarnation to stay in one place for long.

Despite its very famous lead singer, Wisconsin's Volcano Choir has an identity all its own—not to mention a pedigree that includes bands that aren't Bon Iver, like the excellent All Tiny Creatures and Collections of Colonies of Bees.

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