Got questions for President Obama? Like virtual cheese? Then get ready for "Big Block of Cheese Day" this Wednesday, when the White House opens its doors (virtually) to any and all comers who have a question about the way this country is run. (OH, OH.) It's a nod to President Andrew Jackson's practice of opening the White House and letting the populace mingle with the legislators while eating on a gigantic block of cheese that reportedly weighed one ton. From UPI:

On Wednesday's "Big Block of Cheese Day," dozens of White House officials will answer the public's questions in real-time during a day-long virtual open house. Questions may be submitted through Twitter, Facebook, Tumble, Instagram, and Google+ Hangout in advance and on Wednesday using the hashtag #AsktheWH.

Obama also got the idea from the finest administration that's ever fictionally run the country, President Bartlet from The West Wing. Check out this scene where Leo tries to convince his staff that this "block of cheese" idea is a good thing. GOOD LUCK, REAL MR. PRESIDENT!