First of all, DON'T PANIC. The AMC theater chain released their list of cities where you can see the upcoming and SQUEE-worthy Veronica Mars movie... aaaaand Portland isn't on it. BUT (as stated earlier) DON'T PANIC. According to the Veronica Mars Kickstarter page, there will be three somewhat nearby locations to catch this movie when it opens on March 14th:

Arrangements have also been made to screen Veronica Mars at a select few cinemas, in areas where AMC does not have theaters:

The Living Room 6 (Portland, OR)
Cinetopia Progress Ridge Beaverton (Portland, OR)
Cinetopia Vancouver Mall (Vancouver, WA)

Undoubtedly they are shoe-horning the VM movie into the area thanks to the huge outpouring of support the film received from Portlanders donating to their Kickstarter campaign. ALSO? Tickets go on sale on Valentine's Day, February 14—at least at AMC theaters. We'll check to see if you can also get them on that day at the theaters listed above! STAND BY!