Via The Verge (and Twitter) comes the news that as of tomorrow, you'll be able to buy Louis C.K.'s little-seen first film, 1998's Tomorrow Night, for a mere $5. For those of us in withdrawals from Louie, this is excellent news—and regardless of how good Tomorrow Night actually is, the movie should be an interesting look at how C.K. started directing. As anyone who's seen his series can attest, C.K.'s filmmaking on Louie is top-notch, and seems to only keep getting better.

Via The Dissolve comes a bit more background on the film, which was partially funded by C.K.'s "showbiz friends" like Jon Stewart, showed at Sundance, and then promptly disappeared down the memory hole:

Other donors in the $10,000 range included comedians Brett Butler and Denis Leary. The final cost was $180,000, including money C.K. earned writing for The Chris Rock Show and The Dana Carvey Show. (“I’m betting everything I have on this film,” he told Entertainment Weekly in 1998. “I have no life savings anymore.”) “Great black-and-white cinematography and an eclectic score give this film a genuinely disturbing, old-fashioned feel,” the anonymous write-up from the Sundance catalogue raved. “In your wildest dreams, you could not have imagined such bizarre characters together in one film.” (Via.)

Tomorrow Night goes on sale at noon tomorrow at