Remember Kevin Macho, the Portland officer who threatened to sue the city last year because "lesser-qualified females and others" were promoted ahead of him?

The officer doesn't appear to have followed through on that threat yet, but it turns out he's made his case to the state's Bureau of Labor and Industries. Twice.

In complaints filed in June 2012 [pdf] and September 2013 [pdf], Macho (pronounced MOCK-oh) accuses the Portland Police Bureau of discriminating against him because he's a white male.

"Within the last year, I have been overlooked for numerous promotions that went to less qualified females and minorities even though I receieved a high score in the Police Bureau's Promotional Process for Detective and Sergeant," reads the complaint Macho filed June 26, 2012. "Since 2009, I and other Caucasian male colleagues have been overlooked for numerous promotions that went to less qualified females and minorities."

Macho goes on to describe being passed over for jobs as a "background investigator" and "child abuse team intake coordinator." BOLI records show an investigator turned up "no substantial evidence" and the complaint was closed.

So Macho tried again—less than three months after he filed notice with the city that he might sue. The newest BOLI complaint is still under investigation, and contains similar, updated gripes.

"In/about January 2013 although I scored higher, a less qualified and lower ranked female was chosen for a promotion," Macho writes. 'Within the last year, I was overlooked for a promotion to Sergeant that went to a less qualified female even though I received a higher score in the Police Bureau's Promotional Process."

Tellingly and unsurprisingly, white males are, in fact, excelling in the Portland police department. For a round of promotions to sergeant last year, only three of the 18 candidates seriously considered for 10 positions were women. Two of them made sergeant. Most of the others promoted were white males. Not on the list of candidates? Kevin Macho. The police bureau confirmed he made a similar list in 2012.

One thing Macho fails to mention in his BOLI complaints: He was the subject of a 2010 lawsuit, where a transgender woman claimed he groped her breasts and genitals. The case eventually settled for $2,500 out of court.