Meet Lex Luthor, everybody.

The sequel to Man of Steel, the still-untitled Movie with Superman and also Batman that is Basically a Prequel to Justice League in 2017 finally has a supervillain for Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck to glower at, and his face will look like Jesse Eisenberg's. Early speculation had the role going to Bryan Cranston, largely because people who fan-cast on the internet typically don't go any farther than "Who do I know that is bald and mean," as if razors and other hair-removal strategies are a fictional conceit.

Cue the legion of confused fans taking to Twitter and Facebook, wondering how a guy nominated for Best Actor after playing an ambitious billionaire sociopath could possibly play Lex Luthor.

As an added bonus of "whafuh?" to go along with your "whoashit," Jeremy Irons is going to be playing Alfred Pennyworth, Batman's butler.

You know, this dude. The creepy guy. Him.
  • You know, this dude. The creepy guy. Him.

Contrary to what you might have heard from a friend who heard from a dude who read something on the internet once, production is not delayed, and shooting on Man of Steel 2 will begin shortly, from a script by Academy Award winner Chris Terrio, based on whatever it was David Goyer turned in before Ben Affleck went and got the guy who scored Oscar gold writing Argo.

Superman and Batman vs. Mark Zuckerberg opens May 6th, 2016.