Whoops! Looks like NJ Gov. Chris Christie maybe knew about his administration's retributive monkeying with the George Washington Bridge, after all. Not that there was ever any reason—beyond his bland, inevitable denials—to believe he had no idea what was happening.

So, that hyper-conservative Republican faction largely responsible for debilitating Congressional logjams? It's better at raising money than the regular, also-often-infuriating, Republican establishment (which, by the way, is pretty damn great at raising money). This is potentially a crisis for the party, sure, but actually not much fun for anyone.

There Will Be Blood. The nation's climate change deniers (and others, probably) are cheering the long-awaited release of a State Department report on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. A new leg of the line, from Canada into Montana, wouldn't appreciably increase greenhouse gases, the report says. Also: Those Canadian tar sands are going to be tapped anyway. Shouldn't the US get a piece sooner than later? (I'm paraphrasing).

Still no deal between Portland Public Schools and its teachers union, though more mediation is scheduled for next month. That's good, because the clock is ticking.

It's absolutely too early to panic, but it seems increasingly likely we're about to have a Birds situation on our hands. The aggressor? Majestic, terrifying snowy owls.

In other sweet animal news: Lake Tahoe is officially America's Greatest City.

TEENS: Officially over shopping. Done with it.

Manslaughter Verdict in Buttocks Injection Trial.

Here's a super-long Edward Snowden profile. If you're interested.

I guess if I'm being honest, I've enjoyed the drought conditions we've seen this winter. "Bring on the drought!" I say. But it's not to be, says the O. Rains are probably coming. And maybe that's for the best.

Monday doesn't look like much fun, though.


Now if you'll excuse me, a fellow did me a dirty turn the other day. I've a bit of business to attend to.