Over on MOD we have been basically unable to stop crowing about the return of Winn Perry, the menswear boutique that basically kicked off the last few years' surge in local options for the menfolk when it opened in SE Portland's Ford Building. After a couple years off it's back, in a more-prominent West End location, and with a slightly more relaxed focus, as well as an increase in shoes—one of the WInn Perry cornerstones is its relationship with Alden Shoes, with whom it often collaborates. Another hallmark: its preference in working with companies whose goods are manufactured in the same location as their HQs rather than outsourced, adding extra insurance toward quality checks, not to mention domestic manufacturing. Anyhoo, they have been re-opened since the early days of January, and have finally made the official announcement of their grand opening party, which should serve as the perfect excuse to check them out if you have yet to do so. Hop on the MOD train for all those details.

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