Back in the waning days of summer I met with Sarah Margolis-Pineo about an exhibition she was planning for the Museum of Contemporary Craft that dealt specifically with the production and design of apparel in our region. I must have dropped at least 50 names to her, and then we parted. And now, look: It has come to pass. Fashioning Cascadia is set to debut at the museum on May 9 and run clear through October 11.

And oh, it could not be more up my alley:

This exhibition will ask: What is being made here and why? How does the fashion industry shape the regional identity of the Pacific Northwest? How/why are we known as a locality innovates through research and technology as well as handcraft, finding new models of production and consumption that reframe behavior patterns to be positioned for a more sustainable future?

The details are still something of a mystery, but from what I've heard we can expect a rotating series of residencies throughout the summer, and between word of mouth and perusing the photos on the exhibition's page I know that folks like Mag-Big's Cassie Ridgway, Adam Arnold, Portland Garment Factory, Imperial Yarn, Michelle Lesniak, Seattle's Michael Cepress, and Liza Rietz will be involved... Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.