Another week, another Mercury music section that contains none of the witty repartee and wordplay that was found in Axl Rose's stern rebuke to the Red Hot Chili Peppers' admission that their instruments were not plugged in during their Super Bowl performance. Not only did Messr. Rose compose "One in a Million," he's now coined the phrase "Google glass"! Ah, we mere mortals can only bask in such intellect.

• If you don't know the new band Eyelids, perhaps you know one of the umpteen bajillion other bands its members have played in—like, say, Guided by Voices, or the Decemberists, or Sunset Valley. Ring any bells?

• Arkansas doomers Pallbearer have come to Portland, Oregon, to record their second full-length album. So THAT'S what that low, cavernous rumbling is.

Touché Amoré adore l'accent aigu! Les hommes musiques jouent l'emo, parce que l'emo est chouette encore! Incroyable! Magnifique! Quelle surprise! C'est la vie!

• By naming themselves Princess, don't think the Seattle heavy loaders are being ironic. Instead, think "women with swords."

Plus a tightly braided cornrow's worth of this week's Up & Coming show previews.