Yesterday's announced partnership between Coca-Cola and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters will soon pay off in one dramatic way:

As part of the strategic collaboration, [Green Mountain] will be The Coca-Cola Company’s exclusive partner for the production and sale of The Coca-Cola Company-branded single-serve, pod-based cold beverages.

I stopped drinking Coke products about six months ago—I had a baaaaaaaad Diet Coke habit—and when it comes to soda, I almost exclusively drink carbonated water from my Sodastream nowadays. But I don't use the crappy proprietary Sodastream flavors; why trade up one sugary syrup for another? Instead, I add fresh fruit juice to my soda water. It's a hell of a lot more refreshing, and once you get sugary sodas out of your system, it tastes a lot better, too. But I'm sure these single-serving Coke pods™ will be cheaper than a bottle of Coke, and I'm also sure that plenty of Americans have been dreaming of having a proprietary Coke soda fountain in their homes for years. This feels like a deepening in the long-running relationship between Big Soda and the American people.