Two things that have little to do with each other dominated this week's Letters to the Editor page: Italian sub sandwiches and fitness!

—When Food Editor Chris Onstad blind-tested nine sandwiches from various locations around town, East Side Delicatessen received a "no" recommendation along with the colorful description of "a cucumber-scented potting shed." This roused East Side's loyal fans, who came to its defense. Yair contends that they are "doing great work," while Spaceman concurs that the establishment "really does deserve some respect, here." Okay then.

—Meanwhile, the Mercury's first Fitness Issue got people riled up about juice fasts, but mostly, as all roads of conversation around here seem to do, things just led back to fluoride. Favorite quote among the bunch comes from Brian: "When the entire medical community supports fluoridating public water supplies and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims it to be one of the '10 great public health achievements' of the 20th century, I don't have the hubris to think my paranoid Googling will leave me better informed than the experts."


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