Okay, regardless of the fact that my frigid wait at the bus stop this morning made me long for the warmth of a witch's tit, as far as Portland retail is concerned this winter shit is over. They have awoken from their hibernation and are furiously populating the calendar with activities and incentives to get you out of your house and out into the streets, and especially if you are at all the type to participate in V-day shenans, they've left very little room for good reasons not to put your lovelorn dollars into local businesses.

Starting today, on this week's docket we've got sales and events from local treasures like Liza Rietz, Grayling Jewelry, Winn Perry, Sunjin Lee, Parallel, Tilde, and Palace, to name a few. Get all the dates and details on that here.

Plus in late-breaking news:

Bridge & Burn made you wait for it in terms of their end of season sale, but made it worth the while with a whopping 60% off fall stock, which we can all clearly still use. The sale will start promptly at 10 am this Saturday and run through the end of store hours (7 pm) on Sunday. Bridge & Burn, 1122 SW Morrison

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