The words could all change, based on a vote this weekend by Right 2 Dream Too's board.

But for now, the draft ordinance (pdf) underpinning yesterday's announcement of a potential $1.038 million breakthrough in the rest area's hunt for a new home has been posted to next week's city council agenda—complete with details about precisely what kind of help the city's willing to offer.

As expected, it's being put forward by both Commissioner Amanda Fritz and Mayor Charlie Hales. Both helped broker a proposed land sale, announced yesterday, in which wealthy and well-connected Pearl District developers would pay R2DToo $846,000 to move somewhere, anywhere besides a city-owned lot beneath the Broadway Bridge that Fritz and Hales had promised last year.

Essential to the language as currently drafted is a promise to keep R2DToo at its current home at NW4th and Burnside even if the Portland Development Commission buys the land from its current owners. The rest area would stay until the city finds it a new home. It also makes a nod that any new site work with the rest area's current model: a primarily outdoor, low-impact, and cheap-to-operate communitarian emergency shelter.


The actual land sale in question—the Pearl group will buy the city lot that had been promised to R2DToo—will head before the Portland Development Commission's board on Wednesday afternoon. The PDC's board meets only once a month, a quiet reason for what's felt like something of a hurry-up public announcement.