Third snow day in a row, everybody! Today's precipitation is "potentially calamitous," says the O.

TriMet's not been doing so hot. Credit goes out to their spokespeople who've been sending out like a dozen updates a day, though they're not acknowledging the system's fancy new(ish) automatic bus chains don't work very well, according to some anonymous drivers.

Do yourselves a favor. Slap rugged, toothy tires on your bike, put on some ski goggles and snow pants, and travel around at your leisure.

Two education stories well worth your time, from the Oregonian:

•An in-depth look at the state's problems with truant students.

•And a profile of Portland Public Schools Superintendent Carole Smith, who's potentially facing the first teacher strike in district history.

The federal government extends more federal benefits to same-sex partners.

Norway is dominating the winter Olympics, so far. (That's no fluke.) We've got ourselves a gold, though.

Here's Woody Allen's lengthy, apparently final response to recently resurrected allegations he molested his daughter. And her rebuttal.

This weather is going to get worse before it gets better.