Over at Harper's, occasional Mercury contributor Aaron Gilbreath has a piece about searching for Peter Cat, the jazz club that Haruki Murakami once owned in Tokyo.

Unfortunately, no one seemed to know the club’s address—not Murakami’s translator, Jay Rubin, nor the fan who runs Haruki Murakami Stuff. After comparing Google’s map of central Tokyo with a satellite shot from a Japanese website, I switched to street view and scanned block by block, searching for the corner building depicted in a photo I’d seen on the blog A Geek in Japan and checking off intersections on a hand-drawn map as I went. Finally, there it was: a drab three-story cement building. Outside, a first-floor, a restaurant had set up a sampuru display of plastic foods. Above it, an orange banner advertised DINING CAFE. (Via.)

If you like jazz, mysteries, or Murakami's books as much as much as I do—or as much as Gilbreath does—the whole thing's well worth a read.

(Still waiting for Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage over here, by the way.)