Fox News is going after The Lego Movie and RoboCop for being "anti-business," and... look, I know it's low-hanging fruit to go after Fox News, but holy shit, watching these dipshits furiously shout about Legos corrupting America's youth is delightful.

The new RoboCop hasn't screened for critics yet, but if it sticks even a bit to the original RoboCop, yes, it will be incredibly, gleefully anti-corporate. The Lego Movie, on the other hand—and I will preface by this by saying that Denis' review is 100 percent correct, and the movie is fucking delightful, and hilarious, and clever, and you should see it immediately, and honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being one of the best movies of 2014—is basically a commercial. It's called The Lego Movie. The only things onscreen are Legos. As soon as it finishes, you want to do nothing more than go buy a bunch of Legos. That is not anti-business. That is not even... even... guh.

HEAD EXPLODES. I keep waiting to not be astonished by Fox News anymore—"Oh, look at the bullshit they've come up with this time! That's some bullshit, alright. What else is going on?"—but the depth of their bullshit bucket is astounding. Anyway, thanks for the exasperating heads up, io9.