I usually DVR Olympic coverage, so I can fast forward through the insanely boring sports (like cross country) and the inane and overwrought athlete video bios. HOWEVER! My DVR comes to a screeching halt whenever announcer Bob Costas comes on the screen, because... of his EYE INFECTION. Here it is last week, unsuccessfully hidden behind those dapper glasses...

But if you haven't noticed... this week? His eye infection is getting worse—and spreading to the other eye! (From last night...)

Doctors told him his infection would be cleared up by last weekend... sooooo... maybe those were Sochi doctors? (I KID. I KID. Sochi doctors are just as capable as I am.) GET WELL SOON, BOB! Though you are making the Olympics more watchable!

UPDATE: From the NYT:

The infection in Bob Costas’s left eye appeared Thursday and spread to his right eye Sunday. When he woke up Tuesday in Sochi, Russia, with both eyes swollen and crusted shut, he told NBC that he could not host that evening’s prime-time Olympics broadcast.

“Both eyes were red and angry on Sunday and Monday,” Costas said by telephone Tuesday morning. Matt Lauer, who is in Sochi as the co-host of “Today,” will fill in.