Taking a loose (and decidedly non-sappy) Valentine's Day theme, tonight is "It's Not Me, It's You: Stories from the Dark Side of Dating," a storytelling event that features dating-related horrors from the archives of eight local personalities, including two of your very own Mercury clowns: myself and the esteemed Wm Steven Humphrey. (We've heard each other's stories and they are both supes shocking, so...) Also on the hotshit lineup are Project Runway winner Michelle Lesniak (whose showmanship extends well beyond spot-on impressions of Nina Garcia, trust me...); author S. Renee Mitchell; performer/storyteller Rick Huddle; Live Wire writer Jason Rouse; and political activist Hannah Love—all hosted by Stephanie Purtle.

Sure, there are lots of storytelling events happening in town these days, but this one is also a benefit for Planned Parenthood, whose role in the sexual lives of Americans everywhere—not mention their general health—can hardly be understated. So come hear us air our cringingly embarrassing, shocking, evil, and/or sometimes really gross laundry, and help support one of the most vital and progressive organizations out there by joining us this evening at the Mission for a 7 pm show—tickets are right on over here.