Powell's Books just announced that as of June 30, they will be closing two of their three stores at the Portland Airport—the two concourse stores will close, and the "Oregon Marketplace Store" (the one located before security) will remain open.

My first thought was that this was more "death of bookstores" stuff, but in an official statement Powell's CEO Miriam Sontz places the blame for the store closures square on the Port of Portland: “The Port of Portland is working on a new vision for retail at PDX, and in spite of our efforts to negotiate a renewal of our leases and review other options for maintaining a concourse presence, we were unable to reach an agreement. We regret deeply the closure of these two stores.”

I regret it toooooooo. Now where am I going to last-minute panic-buy a Stephen King book I've already read just in case the plane breaks down or gets stuck circling for hours in some sort of Speed-esque terrorist situation and the three books and a Kindle I already have packed aren't enough? (Before I go through security, you say? Ugh, fine.)