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Another week, another Mercury music section that bows down to the lowest common denominator—like the video for "Achy Breaky Heart Part 2"! If you thought conservative Papa Cyrus was disappointed in Miley's new line of twerk, a peep at this will change your tune. It's a taste that apparently runs in the family.

Why have one lead singer when you can have two? Lucius make twinsie pop that's both eye- and ear-catching.

LISTEN: Lucius - "Don't Just Sit There"

In the words of the band's Lars Ballard, Big Haunt is more interested in songs about "getting murdered and drowned and eaten alive by monsters than people canning beans and churning butter."

LISTEN: Big Haunt - "Beds"

Pontiak are three brothers making weirdo rock out of rural Virginia. Their latest record is their most Stooges-y, and most accessible, yet.

LISTEN: Pontiak - "Lack Lustre Rush"

Plus a spaceship's worth of Up & Coming booty.