Cable miser Comcast, from the comfort and safety of its very own Borg cube, has dispatched $45 billion worth of nano probes in hopes of assimilating second-place rival Time Warner. If anti-trust regulators somehow decide the deal is kosher, Comcast will control a third of the nation's cable market all by its lonesome. You should be worried, of course. But don't think this is about TV. It's about broadband. The data pipes that get you that TV—and everything else. Like news and information and social media.

Sustainable nuclear fusion—the panacea for the planet's voracious power needs—got a lot closer to becoming a "real thing" after scientists in California busted through a major power-generation milestone.

So, health care reform? It's kind of going strong. More than 1.2 million people signed up for insurance last month, which is actually more than the government predicted before it lowered its expectations in the face of disastrous website glitches last fall.

Violence in Syria, and increasingly in parts of Iraq, un-coincidentally began escalating after a series of jail bust-outs in Iraq created a dedicated pipeline of hardened Sunni militants.

Whistleblower Edward Snowden obtained much of his amazing National Security Agency spy treasure trove by persuading his better-connected colleagues to innocently enter their passwords on his computer terminal.

Drake has decided, when he dies, to hunt down and erase Philip Seymour Hoffman's soul wherever he finds it in the afterlife. How come? He thinks it's 1976 and the cover of Rolling Stone still matters so very much.

China's favorite lunar explorer marital aid, the adorably named Jade Rabbit, has come back from the dead.

Volkswagen promised to greatly reward employees at a Tennessee auto plant if they rejected a plan to join the United Auto Workers, a dirty ploy revealed somewhat proudly by the Republican senator who represents the state.

The East Coast has taken the baton from Portland, thanks to a major winter storm, tweeting and Facebooking and Instagramming incessantly about snow angels, snow, snowy snow, snowballs, snowy roads, snowy pocket mirrors, snowy and tobacco-scented mustaches, and warm blankets and cozy hot toddies.