I have been involved with a man for the last two years. Throughout our relationship we have had one very serious and (to me) immensely annoying argument that keeps reoccurring: he thinks I'm a whore for my past sexual behavior. He didn't reveal this until four months in and after we had started having mind-blowing, highly experimental sex. Why is he so infuriated that I've had sex with other people? I've been chalking it up to him being insecure, immature and inexperienced. But regardless of the reason: I AM SICK OF BEING CALLED A WHORE FOR HAVING A SEX LIFE BEFORE HE CAME INTO IT. It's been difficult maintaining a relationship with someone who is so clearly against my past, but outside of that argument we get along really well. It only comes up once every few months now in the form of small comments instead of an enormous blowout like it did a few years ago. Is he ever going to let go that there were others before him?

Quite Unremarkably Experienced At Sex Yet Attacked

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One month later...

I broke up with him! Never been happier! Thank you!—QUEASYA

* "What the fuck? Oh, my God. Piece of shit! Dump the motherfucker already. As soon as possible. Right fucking now. Bacon, lettuce, tomato. Over and out."