Originally posted on April 25, 2012.

I am a girl and I am stuck. My boyfriend and I have been dating for nine months, and I only recently told him I can squirt. When we would have sex before, I would tell him to stop before I came because I didn't want to squirt. Now that he knows, he thinks it's really hot that I can and wants me to do it. But I can't seem to get to that point anymore. I have a vibrator, and when I masturbate, I can squirt no problem. But even with me, or him, stimulating my clit while having sex, I just can't do it and I don't know why.

What Should I Do?

My response after the jump...

You should relax.

I'm not saying that you'll squirt the next time you fuck your boyfriend if you can just relax, WSID, but you'll get there sooner if you relax about whether or not you're squirting.

And let's remember why you weren't squirting with the boyfriend: You were worried that he might react negatively or think it was gross. Not squirting was something you were doing for him. Now that you know he's into it, you want to squirt for him.

Stop thinking about him, WSID, and start thinking about yourself.

You trained your body not to come when you were with your boyfriend, and it's going to take some time to undo that training. But if you can squirt when you masturbate alone, WSID, you can squirt with your boyfriend. And here's how you can get there: Masturbate with your boyfriend in the house but not in your room. Then do it with him in the room but not in the bed with you—and, hey, put a blindfold on him if you're self-conscious about him watching you. Then masturbate with him in the bed with you blindfolded. Then masturbate with him in the bed with you not blindfolded. Then masturbate with him in the bed and not blindfolded and touching you, then with him in the bed holding you, then with him in the bed helping you.

Relax, enjoy, have fun, and you'll get there, WSID, I promise.