Noticed how shitty and blurry this season of House of Cards looks? Part of that's thanks to Comcast's hampering of Netflix, and part of that's because until our infrastructure changes—don't hold your breath—streaming video is going to look inferior to things like Blu-ray or playback from locally stored HD files.

Of course, 99.99 percent of people don't give a fuck if Kevin Spacey looks like he's slathered in Vaseline, and will happily trade crummy picture and sound for the convenience of not having to deal with discs or hard drives. The rest of us film nerds, though, keep blowing our money on Blu-rays or looking for high-quality digital files—and we'll keep doing so until Google Fiber comes in, or until Americans finally rise up and burn Comcast to ground until only motherfucking ashes remain. IN THE MEANTIME, Gizmodo's behind-the-scenes video of how things work at the Criterion Collection is a reminder of why, at least when it comes to movies, physical media still has its benefits: Looking at the care that goes into Criterion's restoration of Hitchcock's Foreign Correspondent will make you feel better about every time you've ever bought one of their expensive discs.