Two days until a teachers' strike, and no agreement's been announced between the Portland Public Schools and Portland Teachers' Association.

The unsettling, largely unchecked movement of cash in American elections is a problem. But at least San Francisco billionaire Tom Steyer wants to use his zealous largesse to force climate change deniers out of office.

Erik wrote about this yesterday, briefly, but read the UN report— or at least a summary—detailing North Korea's awful human rights abuses.

Today in American safety: Next time some teens decide they want to play a dangerous prank on you—toilet-papering your car, for instance—just shoot them in the head. You'll be safer!

Well, Pussy Riot's been arrested again. In Sochi, of course.

Technological progress is a marvel, and now the lights at the airport can read your license plate and will automatically alert officials about your shady activity. So the airport's ruined.

These days, even Detroit's leaders are hopping on the "ruin porn" bandwagon.

Sure, Iran's keen to be rid of the economic sanctions that have hobbled it for the last ten years or so. But the country made clear this morning it's not willing to set aside any of its nuclear facilities in return. Which is going to be problematic for the US and others trying to forge a deal.

In Ukraine, where there are deep divides between Russia allies in government and opposition leaders, demonstrations are as violent as ever.

In Olympics news, we are lords of the ice dance!

But will locking up the games' most-prestigious event give us the momentum we need? We're fifth in the medal hunt.


The weather's going to get (even more) awful toward noon, they say. Take shelter.


Now, if you'll excuse me: