Finally, somebody found a sillier job than professional cuddler. Park Seo-yeon AKA The Diva is a professional eater in South Korea. People pay to watch her eat on camera. And apparently, not for any sexual reason just because they like watching her eat. Isn't the Internet great?

Her explanation is even weirder than the idea of people getting off on it. "People enjoy the vicarious pleasure when they can't eat this much or find that food at night or are on a diet." I've been on a diet before, and the absolute last thing I would want to watch is a skinny lady shoveling food down her pie hole. That's vicarious torture.

But while I'm not interested in watching her eat (not for sexual reasons or "vicarious pleasure"), I feel good knowing she's out there. Like our silly "professional cuddler," while I don't think it should exist, I love that it does. It feels like these people found cheat codes for life. Instead of working a day job, she's running around with unlimited ammo because of how much beef yukhoe she chows down on.