Friday at Slate Vanessa Vitiello argued that LGBT voters have a responsibility to vote for Republican candidates—like these three cocksuckers—because why?

You can't have a healthy democracy without a minimum of two strong, functional political parties. In a country as diverse as ours, this means that both major parties need a variety of voices, and both of them need to appeal to more than just a single, ever-narrowing constituency. If the Republican Party continues to decline in relevancy, we’ll all suffer in the long term if we’re forced to default to a Democratic Party that doesn’t have to work at being better than the alternative.

The GOP doesn't have to moderate its anti-LGBT policies or kick assholes like this out of the party or remove its tongue from Tony Perkins' hateful ass. No, no, no: it's our job to save the GOP from itself.

I don't see why this argument—as fucking stupid as it is—applies just to LGBT voters. Aren't Hispanic, black, female, and pro-choice voters also obligated to support the GOP for the exact same reason?