The calendar of events and sales and whatnot on the city's constantly evolving style scene? Totally manageable this week:

—A lot of people across the city were forced to declare a “do-over” thanks to the snowpocalypse. Such is the case with Grayling Jewelry, which has rescheduled its spring collection launch, complete with stores of bubbly and a giveaway. Grayling Flagship, 3115 NE Sandy #120, Thursday, Feb 20, 5-8 pm

—Pendleton’s The Portland Collection is back with one day of steep discounts on limited quantities of its last fall/winter collection. We’re talking up to 70 percent off on pieces that you still have several months to get good use of. Pendleton, 223 NW Broadway, Saturday, Feb 22, 10 am-4 pm

That's it, at least for now, but keep an eye on MOD... these things have a tendency to sneak up.