As I've stated on numerous occasions, I loooooove Japanese game shows. They are hilarious, they are insane, and they are cruel. That's why I'm also a fan of the little seen American reality competition, Killer Karaoke (returning to Tru TV, Thursday, Feb 20 at 10 pm). The premise is wickedly simple: Contestants sing karaoke songs while being tortured mercilessly by the show's producers. They receive electric shocks, they have to touch slimy things, they fall into holes, and they have to get extremely close to wiggling snakes—all while singing their guts out. And that's just the tip of the torture iceberg. Check out the season two premiere of Killer Karaoke (with new host Mark McGrath who is unfortunately terrible... but easy enough to block out), because it is really butt-clenchingly funny and a very successful entry in the Americanized Japanese game show canon. (Don't have time for the whole thing? Just skip around, you'll undoubtedly land on something amazing.)

Note: That YouTube freeze frame isn't what you think it is.