Back to the conversation currently in progress over on this week's Mercury Letters page:

—As Denis reported yesterday, the deal that sees Right 2 Dream Too receive almost $850k from developers to move anywhere other than the Pearl District is a go. Evansly wonders, though, if there's that much money involved, should there "be talk of another 'camp'"? Why not, say, a building? Meanwhile zipitup is suspicious of the whole thing: "I wouldn't doubt if [Mayor Charlie] Hales has made some sort of backroom deal and has promised these guys a subsidy or tax break on their next development project, where in reality it's the public paying for this in the end. There's got to be more to this story. I call bullshit."

—A couple more things about the confirmation of a much-smaller MusicfestNW: jonesrich thinks it will be a sign of having utterly given up if they book Fitz and the Tantrums, and fargosucks thinks Pickathon is looking like a better deal this year. At which point it would be remiss not to once again direct you to our Q&A in the new issue with festival Executive Director Trevor Solomon, where the kvetching continues.

—Those who think water and sewer utilities should be wrested from City Council officially have a foe in the Stop the Bull Run Takeover campaign. The terminizer isn't in favor of said takeover being successful ("you'll forgive me if I don't trust citizen initiatives around our water supply after the last one was so riddled with pseudoscience, deceit, and new-age woo-woo-ery"), but doesn't think the status quo is acceptable either.

—And when the weather sucks we look to indoor entertainment, where the film industry has largely been failing us (Winter's Tale, About Last Night, Knights of Badassdom), and occasionally winning (A Field in England). Whatever the case, good or bad, Robert has a BIG problem with spoilers. "The arrogance of spoiling is beyond comprehension, shows a lack of respect for the reader as well as for the film, and negates any valid observation you might possibly hope to make... There were reviewers in 1980 who hated the entire Star Wars phenomenon, as I recall. That didn't entitle them to reveal to readers that Darth Vader was Luke's father. (Whoops! Spoiler alert! Too late!)"


Whoops! Spoiler alert: It's not too late to "pen" a "letter" that makes it into next week's correspondence episode.