A Portland stripper lays down the law for all you leering non-tippers out there...

Holy fuck are Portlanders spoiled about strip clubs. I'm a dancer at one of the top rated and reviewed strip clubs in the city. I work incredibly hard to look good and entertain the crowd, and I'm sick as shit of people coming in and sitting at the tables for hours, blatantly watching us attempt to entertain them and never tipping us. I'm not doing this for my health. In fact, this work is to the detriment of my health. I've had bursitis in my knee, rotator cuff syndrome, a concussion, and chronic back pain. And that's just in this past year. My coworkers have broken ribs, gotten staph infections, laid down in broken glass, and been sexually assaulted, drugged, stalked, and harassed too many times to track.

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