For those scrambling to get tickets for the opening day of Veronica Mars on March 14th—it's in AMC theaters nationwide, but only three places locally—TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND RELAX. In a very unusual move for the film industry, Veronica Mars will simultaneously open in movie theaters AND online on the same day. From the Hollywood Reporter:

[Warner Bros.] studio will make the movie available to rent or buy online on March 14, the same day it opens in roughly 270 theaters across the country. Normally, exhibitors wouldn't allow such a practice, but in this instance, Warners actually rented out the locations (most are AMC Theaters).

Many observers believe Veronica Mars could be far more of a hit on VOD than at the box office.

However! You agoraphobes shouldn't get too excited about the prospect of simultaneous theatrical and online releases. For Warner Brothers this is purely an experiment, and probably a smart one—especially since most of the VM fanbase lives, breathes, and works online. I haven't heard how much the online rental will cost, but I assume it will be competitive. SO! Bearing that in mind—are you changing your plans to go out and see it, or will you be watching it in your underwear at home?