It's been almost two years since Jonah Potter—a father and husband who'd been sleeping in his car after robbing a convenience store—was shot by four police officers who said he emerged from the car with a replica air pistol in his hand.

Potter, unlike most people shot by officers, survived and eventually went to jail. The officers who shot him were cleared of wrongdoing and found in policy. And his story hasn't been picked up since—that is, until his wife, Amanda, decided she had something to say.

She wrote a testimonial for Float On, the sensory deprivation flotation tank center on SE Hawthorne, and Float On chose it for its weekly ad spot in last week's Mercury. It's a story in Amanda Potter's own words, and it's one we rarely get to hear—about her float experience, to be sure, but also about how her family and her husband had to put themselves back together after a tragedy.

Today's paper has replaced the one with Potter's story. So here it is below, in case you missed it.