Woo-hoo, one of my favorite series from last year returns TONIGHT for a slam-bang second season. It's The Americans (FX, Wednesdays, 10 pm), which revolves around a not-so-happily married pair of Russian agents who carried out missions from their base in the suburbs during Reagan's Cold War. This series is a terrific mix of action and intrigue rolled inside a family drama, and as the preview below for season 2 indicates, while The Americans focused on the strains of married life last year, this time around it's more about the family—and what happens when their snoopy teenage daughter (who has no idea what her parents do at night) begins to figure our their traitorous Rooskie shenanigans! Check it out!

Whoa, I've never heard Matthew Rhys' actual accent until now! Cor blimey, Guv'nah! Tuppence for the birds much?