As promised, here's another wacky clip of Genesis from the early '70s, performing their space odyssey, "Watcher of the Skies." This song tells the story of an alien landing on earth and finding it abandoned, and Peter Gabriel really gets into character. (My co-worker characterizes his get-up thusly: "nightmares.") This song comes from Genesis' 1972 album Foxtrot, and French Canadian tribute band the Musical Box will perform it in loving, exacting detail tomorrow night (Thursday, February 27) at the Aladdin Theater.

If you still require more blathering about Genesis, this week's Debate Club is an exhaustive (not to mention exhausting) look at the band's early years, when they played elaborate opuses that some people still find remarkably strange and beautiful (I am one). Specifically, we pit 1972's Foxtrot against 1973's Selling England by the Pound. WHO SHALL EMERGE VICTORIOUS? Read (and weep, probably).