A bit of begging and a bit of bragging kick off this week's Letters to the Editor. First, the begging:

—Max begged and pleaded with One Day At A Time author Ann Romano: "Please no more Chris Brown, please no more Miley Cyrus, please no more Justin Bieber. Please make it stop, please." Eh... something tells me she's going to ignore this one.

—Some people went to see the Pixies sans Kim! Reviews where somewhere between "meh" and mixed. Paul even goes so far as to convey additional import through non-traditional capitalization when he says: "Pixies Is Dead." Either that or it's an "Ed Is Dead" reference. I can't decide.

—Blah blah blah "fluoride" blah blah. "So nice and reasonable and not crazy at all about it."

—And then Ellis wrote in about a preview of her band's show a bit back, glad that we didn't "mention or critique gender." You are welcome.

Be nice, be reasonable, and not crazy at all in your letter writing. Or don't.