The Russians are coming? Two airports in Ukraine's Russian-leaning Crimea region, and some other facilities, have now come under the provenance of Russian military forces. And, at the same time? Russia's Duma has taken up legislation that would dramatically simplify the country's annexation process... possibly with an eye on Crimea. Meanwhile, Ukraine's ousted president held a press conference in Russia saying he kinda/sorta thinks his old job might still be waiting for him. "Nobody ousted me," being the operative words, uttered in Russian.

An American Islamist in Pakistan has renewed an old question in our national debate over drone strikes in sovereign foreign countries: Can we kill our own citizens at will?

Uganda's dangerous homophobia—a new law punishing its LGBTQ population—has just cost it a $90 million World Bank loan meant to shore up its healthcare system.

Republicans say awful things about women... and guess what happens? Democrats running for office—more and more of them, curiously enough, women—see an amazing outpouring of campaign cash.

Bill Clinton's presidential papers are finally ready for release—giving Republican operatives plenty of time to sift through them in hopes of sinking Hillary Clinton's own presidential ambitions in 2016.

Winter weather has gently applied the brakes to the American economy, the Federal Reserve is guessing. Expected economic growth has been revised downward by almost an entire percentage point.

Kentucky hates it, but a judge says it's got to start recognizing same-sex marriages performed in other states—one step before the judge rules on forcing Kentucky to start issuing its own same-sex marriage licenses.

President Barack Obama will direct the White House to address achievement and incarceration gaps among young men of color: "The group that is facing some of the most severe challenges in 21st century America is boys and young men of color. I believe the continuing struggles of so many boys and young men, the fact that too many of them are falling by the wayside, dropping out, unemployed, involved in negative behavior, going to jail, being profiled — this is a moral issue for our country.”

From the overnight files! It turns out almost everyone targeted in a nuisance crime program first detailed by the Mercury this week was homeless—and most of them, mistakenly, were cited because of sidewalk violations, not actual nuisance crimes. Then, early this morning, we reported that Right 2 Dream Too co-founder Ibrahim Mubarak was arrested beneath the Burnside Bridge while confronting cops during a sweep of the homeless.

They got ready to unzip the body bag, to embalm what they thought was the corpse of an old man. Then the "corpse" inside started trying to kick its way free.