The Malt Ball is right around the corner—Friday, March 7 and Saturday, March 8 at the Wonder Ballroom. We've got a bunch of great local bands playing this year, which we carefully selected as some of the very best live bands currently playing in town. Take a look:
Red Fang
The Woolen Men
Summer Cannibals
Your Rival
Hot Victory
St. Even
Night Mechanic
Yesterday evening, I was a guest on Blake Hickman's show Blake on Wax on KPSU, and we spent an hour talking about this year's Malt Ball and listening to music from 10 of the 12 bands. The program is now archived and you should check it out for a quick primer on all these bands. Grab the MP3 here (the Malt Ball stuff starts about nine minutes in).

I knew we had a great lineup this year, but playing these songs with Blake really demonstrated what a great bunch of bands we've got playing. If you need an hour of good music to listen to this weekend, it's just the ticket.

Blake on Wax airs weekly on KPSU at 8 pm. This year's Malt Ball takes place on Friday, March 7 and Saturday, March 8 at the Wonder Ballroom; get your tickets here.