The Asylum—those makers of hilarious, lo-fi, and INSANE action movies for the Syfy channel (Remember Sharknado? Hmmmm?)—has a new film out which is apparently and inexplicably going straight to On Demand (March 28) rather than being broadcast on TV... which brings up at least one important question: Can an Asylum movie be so bad that even Syfy won't touch it? Whatever the answer, it doesn't apply in this case, because the trailer for Airplane vs. Volcano looks BRILLIANT! Starring Dean Cain (or perhaps Ian Karmel... they're interchangeable), Robin Givens, and Freddy "Boom Boom" Washington from Welcome Back, Kotter, Airplane vs. Volcano tells the horrific tale of... well... an airplane trapped in a ring of very angry volcanoes! Watch.

Syfy? If you don't air this, you're an idiot. (Hat tips to Warming Glow.)