OKAY, CHEAPOS! Here is your very last chance to win tickets to what has been called, "objectively, the best event ever"—okay, fine, I was the one who called it that, but I'm right. IT'S THE MALT BALL! Read all about it in detail here, but in short, it's a two day festival featuring tons of awesome bands (such as Genders, Summer Cannibals, Red Fang, and many more) paired with the finest local craft beer makers (such as Widmer, Fort George, Burnside Brewing, and many more). You get a glass mug, a handful of tokens, some awesome beer, and some amazing bands... I ask you, WHAT MORE DO YOU REQUIRE???

Oh, of course... you want it for free. Well, okay—but only if you're really lucky! While I still advise you to buy your tickets here, here's your FINAL opportunity to win a PAIR OF TWO-DAY FESTIVAL TICKETS. Deadline is noon tomorrow, and be sure to tweet it or like it on Facebook to gain even more entries. Either way, WE'LL SEE YOU AT THE MALT BALL... this weekend!!

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