Maybe it's the weather but emotions seem to be running high on this week's Mercury Letters page:

—First, the latest last word on fluoride via Jann is that when it's natural.., it's ok! And on a related note, antidepressants are "horseshit." Whatever, man!

—Robert really did not like the two sentences we published on the PIFF film Ida, which elicited a rather florid response on his part, accusing us of insulting everyone from the director to the Polish people and "the millions of people who died." Why does it seem like there's something else going on here?

This business with the cops and their semi-secret (not anymore!) policy targeting the homeless is not going sitting well with folks, unsurprisingly enough. David says that "If you can't see this as anything less than a tool for cops to harass anyone they don't like the look of—homeless or otherwise—then you are most likely a fucking snob yuppie douche, who just can't stand those pesky homeless people who beg for your change after you buy that $6 latte from Starbucks on the way to your soul-sucking corporate cubicle." ... But tell us how you really feel.

—And then someone stepped to Ann Romano, and that never goes well. The fans came out in defense (they always do!), with Peyton making the ironclad argument that "Non-psychopaths actually read One Day because, unlike you, we do have the ability to care about Miley Cyrus and find it important to keep up with her latest antics." So there!


No really, tell us how you really feel.